Solar Energy


The time has come to install solar panels for your home or business. Both Federal and PA state incentives are in place making solar panels a prudent investment from both an economic as well as a green perspective. Paybacks for solar panels are now about 5 years for a system that will last over 25 years. These incentives won’t last forever so call now and let Safe Shelter Energy assess your solar potential.

Solar Panel Payback PDF

In the mean time use this Solar Estimator to see if solar panels are right for you.

18 KW commercial system Safe Shelter installed in installed in Virginia at EDAC Systems.

We believe... solar panels on top of our office.

Safe Shelter Energy sells, installs, and services a variety of panels and inverters including Evergreen, Sharp, Suntech, Upsolar, SMA, and Enphase.

Contact us for a free estimate. You can also come to our office to see a working system.

Solar installation at Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, PA.

A 5.6 Kilowatt system at a private residence in Lincoln University, PA.

A large 11kw + ground mount installation in Glenmoore, PA. The solar array was 200 yards from the house.

This customer was so excited about using solar power they has us back twice after the initial installation to add more panels. We used microinverters on this installation in West Chester, PA so adding to the system was easy.

This is a small residential system using micro inverters. It blends nicely into the surrounding neighborhood in Chester Springs, PA.

This is a 25 kW system installed in Elverson PA. The system was installed to meet the electricity needs for the grain dryers seen behind the barn. Micro inverters were used to improve the solar yield.

This is an 18 kW barn roof mount we installed in Bernville, PA.

This is a commercial 25 kW ground mount we did in Perkiomenville, PA.